Furniture and Styling Consultation

it's easy

Whether it is formal, casual, indoor or outdoor, TANNA BY DESIGN will assist you with your furniture and decor selection, lay-out and styling so all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

We will spend a total of 16 hours, with two hours on-site or virtually at your location, the remaining time will be sourcing and curating your products and design, for ONE SPACE.

Pricing for products will be billed separately.

Installation IS included in this package. We believe in white-glove service, everything in its place, no hassle, no worries.

We will schedule installation and take care of styling everything for you.

However, if you are simply needing 'direction only' as to your furniture layout and design, please check out our Virtual Design Options in our Virtual Services. They're great too!


Step One

You will begin by purchasing the Furniture and Styling Consultation (on this page) to get started. You will set up your secure account in MyDoma (our online platform to manage our working relationship). Once completed, you will have access to all of the tools necessary for your project. On the left column of your Studio is where you will find your To-Do List. Complete the Questionnaire, this will prepare Tanna for your consultation.

Once the Questionnaire has been submitted, you will receive a Contractual Agreement in your Studio to sign. Next, use the Appointment tab to view Tanna’s calendar and book your STEP ONE, which is your 15 minute Complimentary Discovery Call via phone.

Step Two

Following your Discovery Call, you will schedule STEP TWO, which is your two-hour Furniture and Styling Consultation. Use the Appointment tab to view Tanna’s calendar and book your two hours.

*New Construction Projects, Remodel Projects and/or Furniture and Styling Projects with multiple rooms will require add-on services and will be directed to our Full Service Interior Design offerings.

*Package details for extra small rooms, will be handled on a case by case basis

*Primary owners are asked to not be present during install, to be thrilled at the reveal.

*Fees Included

*See Services Agreement for Travel Time

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